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Lauderlove.com is our new home for Lauder alumni to connect, learn and help one another.

In March 2020 three Lauder alumni got together to support Lauder students, alumni and the Lauder Institute during the COVID crisis. We quickly mobilized Affinity Group Captains, Class Captains, other alumni volunteers and current students to create Lauderlove.com.

In a matter of weeks, our WLL (With Lauder Love)-filled group demonstrated the power of the Lauder alumni community and:

  • Built this Lauderlove.com website;

  • Connected more than 800 of us through 16 Lauder alumni expert led webinars;

  • Provided 16 alumni sponsored consulting projects and internships for current and just graduated Lauder students

  • Facilitated alumni/student discussions and introductions; and

  • Financially supported students and alumni via Lauder Annual Fund contributions.

Our Lauder love keeps growing, with more alumni and students participating in webinars, generating ideas and opportunities, making connections and getting involved in lauderlove.com.

We would love you to join us! Contact laura@lauderlove.com.