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Made with Lauder Love, every three years

The Lauder Global Alumni Weekend is organized by a dedicated team of alumni volunteers in partnership with the Lauder Institute and the Lauder Institute Alumni Association (LIAA). We’d like to take the opportunity to recognize the enthusiasm and efforts of the volunteers below. In addition, we’d like to recognize the help and support of Fete NY (Josh Brooks ‘97) and NGA Consulting.

Executive Committee

Daniel Smith 2001
Deepti Tanuku 2010
Laura Goldenberg 1993
Janifer Burns 1986
Pavel Oliva 2000

Steering Committee

Martine Haas Lauder Institute
Marcy Bevan Lauder Institute
Sonja Chen Lauder Institute
Kim Conroy Lauder Institute
Rene Kern 1990
Norm Savoie 1991
Matthew Axelrod 2011

Conference Committee

Adriel Barrett-Johnson 2023
Martha Cummings 1989
Hana Do 2023
David Garland 2000
Jamie Garrett 1994
Bryce Goodwin 2006
Sarit Henig 2015
Kevin Hess 2013
Sydel Howell 1999
Keith Kohler 1993
Vera Krimnus 2010
Moshe Lavi 2023
Sarene Marshall 1999
Victor Petenkemani 2008
Ben Shephard 2014
Margot Waldman 1993
Allegra Richards 2017

Keynote Committee

Davis Smith 2011
Aleksas Juskys 2016

Networking Committee

Mintai Bautista 2023
Robert Bond 2016
Rodrigo Boscolo 2014
Wai Cheng 2022
Harold Agblonon 2023
Samuel Sidiqi 2004

Soiree Committee

Joshua Brooks 1997
Emily DiCapua 2010
Narges Zamani 1997
Angela Londono 2018
Vishoka Balasubramanian 2023
Bryce Goodwin 2006

Pitch-It Committee

Vishoka Balasubramanian 2023
Cliff Cohn 2020
Marina Jacobson 1993
Stephen Snyder 2017
Wesley Urquhart 2009
Denis Zaff 2010

Pitch-It Coaches

Thank you to the Lauder Alumni volunteering to be Pitch It coaches this year. 

Alex Mitchell 2005
Andy Le Roux 1992
Azim Barodawala 2007
Julia Rubalevskaya 2012
Julie Abrams 1989
Lily Rogath 2019
Patrick Deem 2009
Paul Hynek 1990
Pavel Oliva 2000
Ron Kerbs 2020
Stacy Crinks 1999
Stephen Snyder 2017
Tonio Palmer 1990

Pitch-It  MC & Judges

Class Dinner Captains

We are grateful to the numerous Lauder Alumni planning the various class dinners on Friday evening. A full listing of the dinners and their details are on the Class Dinners page. If you don't see your year represented yet and are interested in organizing your class dinner, please send an email to or contact Evi Swanson 1989.

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