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Welcome to the new LIAA Board Directors!

Congratulations to the winners of last week's LIAA Board elections! 

It is our great pleasure to announce the winners of our LIAA Board Elections:

Mia Barrows, Latin America Spanish, '11, Rockville, Maryland, US

Olivia Chen, Asia Chinese, '05, Palo Alto, California, US

Saphir Esmail, Africa General, '22, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mia, Olivia and Saphir begin their 2-year terms on June 20.

Thank you to the 8 other alumni who ran. We greatly appreciate their desire to serve the Lauder community and we look forward to their continued engagement.

Thank you also to the more than 280 alumni who voted in this election.

And thank you to Matt Axelrod '11, Josh Brooks '97 and Deepti Tanuku '10 for their service on the Board.

Introducing Lauder Exchange

·  Have a product or service you'd like to share with your fellow alumni?

·  Want to make an exclusive offer to fellow alumni?

·  Have a chateau or vacation home you’d like to rent out?

·  Looking for interesting opportunities?

Check out the Lauder Exchange! It’s a marketplace for Lauder alumni and a great way to share your expertise or an opportunity with unique pricing or other benefits to the Lauder community.

Current offers include a castle in Italy, vacation home in Spain, college coaching, personal coaching, and gift boxes, among others.

If you are interested in offering a good or service, please fill out the form.

Offers must be exclusive to Lauder alumni.

LIAA does not endorse, recommend, or financially benefit from Lauder Exchange posts nor from posting providers.

Offers are subject to LIAA approval.

Wharton Lifelong Learning and Perry World House

Did you know that Wharton Alumni Affairs holds many in person events and develops webinars on a wide range of topics? Make sure to opt in for communications so you can stay up to date on new programming. See the schedule of upcoming activities here.

The Perry World House is a home for global engagement on Penn’s campus and holds a range of webinars, in person events and learning opportunities.  Many of their programs are of interest to Lauder alumni. To see upcoming programs, click here.

Evening at the House of Lords 

Local Lauder alumni and donors to the Lady Barbara Thomas Judge MBA Fellowship Fund enjoyed a lifelong learning event at the House of Lords in London, October 19th. Lord Bilimoria spoke about the history of the House of Lords, a somber look at current affairs and a more optimistic view on the future of India. Candace Johnson discussed space, satellites and India’s future in space. Attendees had the opportunity to meet, mingle, and enjoy food and drink. Read more here.


Help us to update the entire Lauder database! Please spend a few minutes to update your alumni profile.

Make sure to share your interests by joining some of the new Affinity Groups.

The more robust our information, the more powerful the Lauder community can be!

Lauder Institute Annual Fund

We have an app!

We will eventually have our own LIAA-branded app but for now you can search the directory, register for events, and update your profile through the Wild Apricot app. Ignore the branding – it works and will make your mobile life easier! Get the app on Apple or Google.

What a glorious weekend it was! Click here to see the photos; more will be added shortly. 

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors without whom this weekend would not have been possible:

The Lauder Institute
Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder
Judy and Leonard A. Lauder

In addition, we'd like to thank Pierre-Alain Rikkers '04 and Teneo for sponsoring the lively and engaging keynote panel discussion.

Thank you to the networking committee for their dedication to bringing new networking opportunities to life: bingo, networking lunches and pre-cocktail happy hours. Thanks to Bryce Goodwin '06 for generously donating Pinhook Bourbon to the winners of networking bingo.  

Thank you to the Pitch-It committee who helped make this competition the best ever with the addition of mentors for each founder and a smoothly run event. Thanks to Denis Zaff ’10 for donating the wine for the winners.

Thank you to the panelists for sharing your expertise and insight.  

And a special shout out to co-chairs Daniel Smith '01 and Deepti Tanuku '10 for their leadership, dedication, and humor.